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Wendy Fillion's Digital Moment | OCAS International Application Service

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“Since graduating from Mohawk College in 2018, I have held various positions supporting international students. In one of my roles, I processed applications from India by entering student records manually into various spreadsheets and systems so they could be evaluated, and hopefully, translated into an offer as quickly as possible.  Now, the IAS quickly captures this information from our applicants and agents allowing our teams to focus on value-added tasks such as evaluating applications and responding to inquiries. We have also automated aspects of the refund and deferral processes, further enhancing the services we provide.”

“I consistently hear that students and agents like being able to see the status of their applications! There is no more waiting in limbo not knowing what is going on. Another great feature is the ability to transfer applications to a colleague. If a team member is away or needs help, we can take a team approach to supporting our students without delay. Reports and dashboards are available to help me check on my productivity, volume of applications and prioritize my efforts just in time. The IAS delivered on its promises to help increase transparency and efficiency. As a proud Mohawk graduate, I am excited to be a part of initiatives that bring progress and improvements to support our future generation of students!”

The OCAS International Application Service (OCAS IAS) is an online system designed to streamline and centralize international application and admissions processes. Since launching in the Fall of 2021, more than 26,000 applications have been processed. The IAS supported the college in achieving a Fall 2022 international intake that was the highest in the history of the college. 
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