14:27 PM

Free Yoga!



With the amazing recent Wellness Fair, it is a good reminder of the importance of our physical and mental health.  Pop online and give yoga a try.  It's good for both.

Free yoga classes started on line at the beginning of the pandemic for all employees at Mohawk College.  Linda Rourke, registered yoga instructor, Mohawk Alumni and employee is continuing offers a free class every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:45am to 7:30am.  Come late, leave early, just give it a try.  

This yoga is for anyone.  Experience or no experience.  It is a great way to start off your day.  Just put the zoom link into your calendar and click and login, it's that simple.  

Cameras and audio remain off during the practice, so roll out of bed and get onto your yoga mat.

Yoga Zoom Link: https://mohawkcollege.zoom.us/s/99528043000

Passcode: 562590

For more on the benefits of yoga Click Here.