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Annette Simms’ Digital Moment | Accommodate

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Accommodate is an online portal that supports students with their learning accessibility requests. Students use the portal to connect with Accessible Learning Services (ALS) to book appointments, request Accommodation Letters, Accommodated Tests, and share important information with their professors.   

I’m an Accessibility Counselor with Accessible Learning Services (ALS) and have seen first-hand the impact of Accommodate on students, faculty and staff at the college. Accommodate enables students to take more responsibility for their learning and seek appropriate and timely accommodation support when needed. The system houses sensitive information in a secure portal that allows access only to the appropriate parties. As a staff member, Accommodate has automated many tasks and manual processes. In addition, my team now has access to up-to-date information on the number of students we support and what services they are looking for. For example, we have 70-80% of students currently reporting issues with mental health. It has been eye opening to see the impact we are having, and we can be more proactive and intentional with our efforts. This tool has given our students more independence with their learning accommodation requests, and our staff more confidence in supporting the right needs.  

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