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Employee Resources - Working from Home during COVID-19 Update

Below are a few highlights from this week's Employee Resources - Working from Home during COVID-19 update! To review more resources, supports and training recommendations, please visit the Employee Resources - COVID-19 page on MyMohawk.

Health and Wellness

YMCA Health and Fitness Videos: Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Kids Activities and more!

Looking to jump start your workouts? YMCA360 now has on-demand workout videos for you and your family! From the comfort of your home, stay active with the classes you know and love from the YMCA.

Videos range from Yoga, Pilates, Kids Activities, Active Older Adult Fitness, Dance and more.



Working from Home

Twenty Employee Engagement Ideas To Connect Your Remote Team Through COVID-19

“Taking the time to create opportunities for connection and support will help your team, their families, and your organization navigate this surreal landscape stronger than ever.”

Explore some great activities to engage your team!



Family and Social Connections

Online Activities for Children During COVID-19

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean children have to stop engaging with new experiences. Here you will find some online resources that will keep your children learning—and give you some much-needed quiet time!

Virtually explore museums or zoos, engage in activities around classic children’s stories and more.



Leading in Times of Uncertainity and Change

Three Tips To Help Managers Lead Inclusively When Working With Remote Teams

The most effective managers are inclusive managers. But how can managers lead inclusively when working with remote teams?

Learn more on how to lead inclusively!