16:14 PM

Enterprise Design Thinking Training for All Employees

Mohawk College in partnership with IBM Skills Academy is pleased to offer an online Design Thinking course available to all employees. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we need to deliver on two drivers: move faster AND deliver more human-centered outcomes that are agreeable experiences for our clients, employees and students.

Design thinking is the mindset that aims to improve the situation of people through the experiences they have. If you’re interested in solving problems for people, then you can practice design thinking.

IBM Design Thinking is a process/framework that allows us, through team work, to unlock creative human-centered design to problem solve. It is a framework to unlock the right products, services and innovations to overcome user challenges. It helps define what our work is and how it will get done as it relates to a specific problem we are trying to solve. Design thinking framework enables collaboration, brings clarity and alignment and creates empathy for the end user, forcing us to step out of our own shoes and prioritize the user’s experience.

The course will take approximately 2 hours to complete. Once completed, you will receive an Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner badge from IBM. To register, go to https://www.ibm.com/design/thinking/page/courses/Practitioner and use your Mohawk email address.

Email any questions to Lucas Robinson, Academic Integration Specialist, lucas.robinson@mohawkcollege.ca or Gina Miraglia, Director, Organization and Professional Development, gina.miraglia@mohawkcollege.ca.