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Everyday Heroes for March 2022

Each month Mohawk Everyday Hero awards are given out to college faculty and staff who go above and beyond to make Mohawk an even better place to work. Know someone who works at Mohawk and makes a difference? Submit a Mohawk Everyday Hero nomination at www.mohawkcollege.ca/everydayhero.

Congratulations to the following recipients:


For always being ready to help with an answer, a solution or information, Maxine Poulsen is a Mohawk  College Everyday Hero. In 2021, Maxine was a leader in the Core cashiering system installation project was rolled out across the college. She tested the system and resolved the “bugs” that inevitably popped up along the way.  Now that the system is installed and in use, Maxine provides help and guidance to everyone who uses the system, which is not easy to do with many colleagues working remote. Her expertise, approachability and availability have ensured that problems are resolved quickly and that student payments are processed without delay- meaning that students can then register or move forward with their application process with no delays.  Maxine always puts in the extra effort and she does so quietly and graciously. Maxine is a role model and exemplifies the values of the college in all of her work and interactions.


For always going above and beyond to ensure students have the information and resources they need, Nick Massi is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. As the college’s Lead Financial Assistance Advisor, Nick has created new resources for students and staff to ensure that they have the information needed to navigate OSAP applications and their academic journey. Nick is always reviewing how his team completes their work, critically assessing what is working or what could be done differently. He has created rubrics to support the many different roles that can receive questions from students regarding their OSAP or other financial inquiries. He also works to ensure there is clarity between service areas and positions on how and when students are supported. Nick is always available to the team when they have questions or feedback, and he has developed amazing partnerships with other service areas, all from the lens of ensuring our students have what they need to start and continue their studies. Nick has been an amazing addition to the Financial Assistance team and has excelled in this position.


For always being ready to lend a hand or provide a second set of eyes on a project, Heather Bridge is a Mohawk College Everyday Hero. Heather is always available if you need an extra hand on a project or just a second set of eyes. She volunteers at startup because she is excited to help students fall in love with Mohawk as she did. Whenever someone in the Marketing department is looking for support, she is more than willing to jump on a call or take a moment to be there. Heather brings new ideas that excite the team and the placement students she works with, and she is able to balance her workload like a conductor of a symphony.