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Housekeeping Health & Safety Moment


What is Housekeeping?​

Housekeeping refers to the routine cleaning and organizing of the workplace. This can include keeping work areas neat, clean and orderly, maintaining floors free of slip and trip hazards, removing of waste material and other hazards from work areas.

Poor housekeeping can lead to hazards including:

•         Slips, Trips and Falls

•         Dust Explosions

•         Inability to evacuate during emergencies

•         Wasting time trying to find tools and equipment

Tips for proper housekeeping

•         Keep aisleways clear

•         Clean up spills immediately​

•         Properly dispose of waste

•         Put tools and equipment back in their proper places after using

•         Have designated areas for all materials (a place for everything)

In addition to preventing accidents and injuries, good housekeeping saves space, time, and materials. When a workplace is clean, orderly, and free of obstruction; work can get done safely and properly. Maintaining good standards of housekeeping is an essential part of our day to day working activities.

Remember housekeeping is everyone’s responsibility!

If you have questions, concerns or any occupational health & safety inquiries, please email ohsmohawk@mohawkcollege.ca