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Leaders Spotlight on Learning

December 2023

Leaders Spotlight on Learning

This playlist provides an opportunity for leaders within Mohawk College to showcase a specific training course from the over 11,000+ courses on Working at Mohawk featuring LinkedIn Learning, Cornerstone Content Anytime, and other providers of asynchronous learning. Most courses are under 1 hour in length and focus on ‘hot topics’. There are many curated playlists already available on Working at Mohawk and you can even make your own!

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Heather Beale has a deep belief in the power of lifelong learning. Recently promoted to Learning and Development Specialist at the College, she is also active member of the Hamilton community, leading volunteer teams for large and small events, and is currently the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.

Heather notes: “The practice of self-leadership, in work and in life, has helped me to build confidence in my decision making, act with integrity, and remain calm during times of uncertainty. I’ve also gained a greater appreciation for everyone’s lived experience, approaching situations with empathy.”

In this 26 minute LinkedIn Learning course, Mastering Self-Leadership, you can understand the power of self-leadership and personal accountability. Veteran HR leader Laurie Ruettimann provides candid, real-world guidance, tools, and strategies for becoming the self-leader you were always meant to be: a person who takes responsibility for their actions and is an example to others. This practice can be visible at any level of an organization through a work ethic that exceeds expectations, even when nobody's looking.

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