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Leaders Spotlight on Learning

July/August 2023

Leaders Spotlight on Learning

This playlist provides an opportunity for leaders within Mohawk College to showcase a specific training course from the over 11,000+ courses on Working at Mohawk featuring LinkedIn Learning, Cornerstone Content Anytime, and other providers of asynchronous learning. All courses are under 1 hour in length and focus on ‘hot topics’. There are many curated playlists already available on Working at Mohawk and you can even make your own!

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Gabriela Soraggi, Change Manager, leads the people side of change on various strategic college-wide initiatives within the Enterprise Systems Strategy. As a lifelong learner, she continuously looks for opportunities for learning, challenge and change. She has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and is a certified Change Management Practitioner (CMP) and Human Resources Leader (CHRL).

 “Having lived in four different continents and worked in various industries, I am no stranger to change. Yet, the pace of change we are seeing coming out of a pandemic and with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence leaves me both excited and with a healthy dose of apprehension. We are seeing the reshaping of economies and industries which makes the value of lifelong learning more important than ever. Guiding us through the complexities of our evolving world, Lifelong Learning becomes our compass, empowering us to adapt, innovate, and drive meaningful change. To quote Ken Blanchard: “When you stop learning, you stop growing”. ~Gabriela

 At 30 minutes, Building Career Agility and Resilience in the Age of AI will walk you through Artificial Intelligence technologies and how they may impact work, as well as ways to proactively adapt to these technologies. You’ll learn the importance of developing “new” human skills that will make you stand out and develop a future-proof career mindset.

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