17:16 PM

‘Lifelong sustainability project’ for Mohawk Alumni aiming - In the News

We have all heard by now that when it comes to sustainability and helping our planet, we can all make a difference.  Several initiatives have been launched at the college to make a measurable impact on climate change, as it is one of the key aspirations of the College’s 2022-2025 strategic plan.  Our decisions and actions impact future generations. The goal is to ensure Mohawk College is the leader in climate action and sustainability in Canada and beyond, recognized for our exceptional climate action education and research, and for the bold targets we continue to set for the college.  As an employee, you can also make a difference in the workplace and at home.  They may be small measures, or maybe, just maybe you already live or aspire to live a truly sustainable life, like Alumni Lisa DiCesare and Brian Hansell.