22:40 PM

Message in response to the ongoing flooding in Pakistan

As we welcome students back to Mohawk College campuses this week, we recognize that many students and employees have been impacted by the ongoing natural disaster in Pakistan.

The United Nations estimates that approximately 33 million Pakistanis have been affected by weeks of intense flooding. More than one million homes have been destroyed or damaged and 2 million acres of crops have been affected.

This crisis has touched the lives of many students – those who have joined us already and those trying to do so – as well as employees in our college community. We extend our concern and care to everyone who is struggling as a result of this situation. You do not have to struggle alone – we care about your well-being and the college has a number of support services available for anyone who needs assistance.

During times of crisis, we can provide students with counselling and special academic accommodations, if necessary. If you have been financially affected by this crisis, we can also offer financial, food and shelter assistance. We would like all students to feel supported, protected and safe as they pursue their education at Mohawk College.

To access any of these services – including financial assistance, counselling, food and shelter assistance – we have a team of people available to help you. You can reach them at studentwellness@mohawkcollege.ca.

As well, you can directly access Counselling services, Monday to Friday, by emailing counselling@mohawkcollege.ca or by calling 905-575-2211. Good2Talk is available 24/7 by calling 1-866-925-5454, or through the website: https://good2talk.ca/.

As a reminder to employees who are looking for support and assistance, supports are available through the Lifeworks Employee & Family Assistance Program. The number to call is 1-844-671-3327.

While this crisis in Pakistan is impacting a significant number of people, we recognize that students and employees may be feeling the effects of other challenges, from abroad or at home. If you find yourself struggling, please reach out to someone you trust to talk about it. Keep this message and contact the college team if you need support.

We are here to help you.


Katie Burrows, Vice President, Students, International & Alumni

Ashik Ashik, President, Mohawk Students’ Association