20:38 PM

MINDSHIFT - Mohawk’s Entrepreneurship Conference

The 3rd Annual MINDSHIFT conference, Mohawk’s Entrepreneurship Conference is running in a virtual on-demand format this year, from March 22 to 24.

The event is intended to inspire and educate students, to shift their perspective about what entrepreneurship is and how entrepreneurs are made. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset adds to a students’ ability to be future ready by allowing them to become an entrepreneurial leader within the workplace. This conference will teach students skills focused on creativity, risk taking, critical thinking skills and disruptive problem solving.

This conference brings together students from all three Mohawk College campuses, representing over 30 different academic program areas. The schedule includes a panel discussion, a series of workshops and our 7th annual pitch it to win it, pitch competition. The panel discussion will be moderated by Stephen Stunt, a faculty member and SURGE mentor from McKeil School of Business.

Tap into the entrepreneurial spirit. Register here.