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Mohawk College to begin easing campus access controls

As the Ontario government moves ahead with its plans to ease most pandemic-related health measures in the province over the next several weeks, we wanted to share with you the steps Mohawk College will be taking as we prepare to welcome more students and employees back to campus.

Controlled access points to be removed beginning March 7.

To provide consistency and stability during the transition, the easing of campus access controls and health protocols will happen gradually over March and April, beginning with the removal of the security-controlled access points on campus, effective Monday, March 7.  This means that as of this date students and employees will be able to access our campuses without having to stop at a security checkpoint; however, access to the campuses will remain limited to the designated entry doors currently in use at each campus.  Beginning Monday, March 21, the college will start to open more access points at all campuses.

Medical-grade masks will still be required on campus.

The use of medical-grade masks will continue to be required on campus and will remain a requirement until further direction by Public Health or the province.  The college will continue to supply medical-grade masks for those who do not bring their own.  Security will continue to have the masks available at the designated entrances to each campus.  You will not be allowed to attend a class or on-campus events unless you are wearing a medical-grade mask.  N95 masks are also permitted and may be worn in place of a medical-grade mask.

Daily Health Screening will continue.

Self-monitoring for symptoms continues to be an important step in stopping the spread of the virus, so even with the checkpoints removed, employees and students will be required to complete the daily health-screening questionnaire through the Mohawk Safety App each day they are coming to campus.  Even though your screening status will not be checked at the door after March 7, it is important that you complete this step each day as it may be subject to verification if there is a need to identify close contacts.  If you are deemed a close contact of someone confirmed to have COVID, you are still required to self-isolate.  Please refer to Hamilton Public Health’s website for information on how to determine if you are a close contact and the length of time required for self-isolation: https://www.hamilton.ca/coronavirus/close-contacts.

Vaccine requirement to remain in place until the end of the Winter semester.

Along with most of Ontario’s colleges and universities, Mohawk’s vaccine requirement will remain in place until the end of the Winter semester in April.  Keeping the vaccine requirement provides a level of certainty for the students and employees who are required to be on campus for in-person learning.  Until the policy is removed, anyone coming to a Mohawk campus must have uploaded their proof of vaccination and have it verified by Mohawk or have an APPROVED exemption from the college before being permitted to attend in-person classes or events on campus.  Proof of vaccination must be uploaded a minimum of 48 hours in advance of coming to campus.  For specific events such as spectator access for varsity games, the Ontario QR code vaccine passport may be accepted.

Mohawk will continue to review its campus access controls and health protocols and we may adjust our plans based on further direction from Public Health and the province.  Any updates or changes will be shared with the college community by email and posted to the college’s COVID-19 website.

Plans for the Spring/Summer Semester.

With campus access controls easing, we will begin to offer more opportunities for students to attend in-person events and activities on campus.  In-person services and supports will also become more widely available as we begin the Spring/Summer semester.  Most services and supports will also continue to be available virtually.  These opportunities, including details about our June Convocation plans, will be shared with students as they become available.

With these changes, we are excited to be welcoming more students back to campus for in-person learning for the Spring/Summer semester beginning in May.  Most programs being offered this summer will have some in-person components and on-campus activities.  There is a small number of programs with unique considerations that will continue online.  Details for these programs will be made available on the Program Delivery Information page the week of March 7.  Delivery information for specific courses will be indicated on timetables.

The college has heard from many students who appreciate the added flexibility that comes with virtual and remote learning.  Based on this feedback, most programs will continue to offer some virtual and remote learning for courses where in-person delivery is not required to achieve the learning outcomes.

Mohawk was a leader in virtual learning before the pandemic.  Over the past two years our faculty and staff have worked hard to develop new techniques and adopt new technologies that have further enhanced the experience for students.  These lessons will guide our decisions as we consider the current and future needs of our students and the communities we serve.

The past two years have been extremely difficult for everyone.  We have all made sacrifices to keep our family, friends and loved ones safe, and I want to thank everyone who did their part to keep our campus community safe.

It is important to remember that while things seem to be improving, we are still in a pandemic.  From the start of this crisis, Mohawk has made health and safety our first priority.  We will continue to monitor the situation closely over the coming weeks and months and be ready to adjust our plans if needed.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Additional Information and Resources.

·         For questions about Admission, Financial Aid or Registration please contact us by completing the Ask Mohawk form.

·         International students who have questions can contact the college by completing the Email International Student Services form.

·         Counselling services: counselling@mohawkcollege.ca or call 905-575-2211.

·         For more information about COVID-19 vaccines visit the City of Hamilton website.

·         For college-related COVID-19 information and updates visit the Mohawk College COVID-19 webpage.