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Mohawk team helping with safer workplaces - In the News

This week, a letter to the editor from Anthony Cupido, Research Chair, Sustainability at Mohawk College, was published in The Hamilton Spectator and its sister community newspapers, highlighting the importance of a recent project initiated through the Climate Leaders program.

The content of the letter ca be found below.

Letter to the Editor - Mohawk team helping with safer workplaces

I read with concern that the first confirmed outbreaks in Hamilton schools have been announced. Containing and managing these outbreaks is critical to the safety of students and staff of the affected schools.

Recently, Mohawk College partnered with 10 local school boards to establish the Climate Change Leaders program. A fundamental focus for each school board is to provide renewed facilities that are energy efficient, safe and functional. We are working closely with the Grand Erie District School Board and Nerva Energy Group from Stoney Creek to improve the safety of their schools and to reduce the risks associated with COVID-19.

Grand Erie board has already installed an innovative technology into their ventilation systems at several schools that significantly reduces the spread of airborne and surface bacteria, mold and viruses, including COVID-19. The equipment used has been extensively researched, is safe, cost effective, and purifies the air that students and teachers breathe every minute of the day.

I am confident that the use of this equipment, over time, will significantly reduce absenteeism due to illness. Our Mohawk team has commenced research to validate this. This technology is another available tool in our effort to reduce COVID-19 infection and it should be considered for every Ontario school, including those in Hamilton.

Anthony Cupido, research chair, sustainability, Mohawk College