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MyMohawk Content Freeze

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Beginning June 1, there will be a temporary freeze on creating or updating content in MyMohawk. The freeze is needed to prepare for the migration of content from the current version of MyMohawk to the new version this summer.  The content freeze will remain in place until the new MyMohawk launches mid-July. The final launch date will be communicated once confirmed.

During the freeze, departments will not be permitted to make changes or updates to their MyMohawk pages. Any required changes or updates must be completed before June 1. Content Administrators are aware of this change and have been asked to plan accordingly.

Employees and students will continue to have access to MyMohawk throughout the content freeze. Other college systems, such as MyCanvas and the external Mohawk College website, are unaffected by the freeze and can be updated per the usual process.

For more information about the MyMohawk upgrade visit: Get ready for a new and improved MyMohawk! Coming Summer 2023.

Please direct any questions to David Lambden, Project Manager at david.lambden@mohawkcollege.ca.   








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