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Project Management at Mohawk is changing. Here’s what you need to know.

Mohawk’s Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) is introducing a new framework for managing and delivering projects at the college. The change follows a reorganization that saw the Project Management Office moved to the Finance department earlier this year. The change in name and reporting reflected the EPMO’s broader role in providing project management services to all areas of the college.

Set to launch this fall, the EPMO’s new project management framework aims to do the following:

  • Apply one consistent approach to all projects.
  • Clearly define which type of projects the EPMO will support.
  • Ensure supported projects are properly tracked and reported on.
  • Promote shared accountability for the success of projects.
  • Make regular ongoing communication a requirement for every project.

One form for all in-year project requests

The EPMO, along with IT and Facility Services, will initially use the common Proposal Form for all in-year project requests. In-year requests are proposals that come within the college’s fiscal year and did not go through the annual proposal evaluation. The new form simplifies the intake process for everyone and makes it easier for projects to be assessed and moved forward or re-routed. The EPMO will triage incoming forms to decide whether the project needs their support or could be better handled by IT or Facility Services directly. (To learn about recent changes to IT governance at Mohawk read: New governance model to clarity and consistency to IT related decisions)

The proposal form is available on the EPMO site, which can be found within the Employee section of MyMohawk: https://mymohawk.mohawkcollege.ca/web/mymohawk/enterprise-project-management-office

The site also contains more information about the EPMO, including updates on current, completed and future projects. Questions about the proposal form can be directed to EPMO@mohawkcollege.ca.

Types of projects the EPMO will support.

The EPMO will support mid- to large-scale, high-priority projects. This may include investment proposals that have been approved by Mohawk Executive Group (MEG) as part of the budget approvals process, projects that require significant investment in terms of funding, resources or time, and projects that align to the strategic themes and priorities as defined by MEG. Examples of projects the EPMO would support include the purchase and launch of a new Learning Management System for the college, major upgrades to existing systems such as Banner, Degree Works (MAP), or implementing new business processes.

Types of projects the EPMO may not support.

The EPMO will not support projects that are smaller in scale or things that are considered operational in nature. Examples include minor software purchases, computer hardware replacement, or ongoing maintenance of hardware and facilities.

Want more information?

The EPMO will be taking its new framework on the road this fall to help teams and departments understand the change and how it affects them. If you have questions or would like to schedule a presentation for your team or department, please contact EPMO@mohawkcollege.ca.

You can also visit the Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ - Changes to EPMO and IT Governance

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