21:34 PM

RBC recognizes Financial Services students


Congratulations to Mohawk College Financial Services  Lucy Hunter, Michael Ramondino and Sergio Uribe on receiving a Certificate of Achievement from RBC for being the top performing team for their program's case challenge competition. Lucy, Michael and Sergio each received a $1,000 award from RBC as part of the recognition.

RBC partnered with the Financial Services Program this semester for the case challenge competition.  Students were put into groups of three (chosen by the instructor) and given a case with instructions to complete a full comprehensive financial plan and prepare a presentation/role play with an RBC panel who assumed the role of the clients. It was an opportunity for the students to showcase their technical knowledge in financial planning while mastering the art of virtual presentations. 

RBC surprised the class by recognizing four additional students who “stand outs” within their groups.  Congratulations to Christina Oshido, Ijeoma Nnadi, Ryan Cowden and Stephany Gonzales-Benjumea, each received individual recognition and a $500  award from RBC.

Photo: (l-r) Maria Holland, Mutual Fund Representative RBC, Elyia Estee, Coordinator/Professor, Financial Services Program, Sergio Uribe,  Michael Ramondino, Stephany Gonzales-Benjumea, Julie Scrocco, RBC Community Manager, Christina Oshido, Ijeoma Nnadi, Carmela Trombetta, Vice President, RBC, Ryan Cowden and Steve Nixon, RBC Regional Vice President - Hamilton/Brantford/Norfolk,. Missing from the photo is Lucy Hunter.