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Taking Charge of Your Wellbeing

LinkedIn Learning Challenge – February 2021

No matter what excuses have gotten in the way in the past, small steps every day (less than 5 minutes!) can add up to big overall improvements to your wellbeing. Join the February 2021 LinkedIn Learning Challenge, take the reins and be in charge of your personal growth!

This month’s Learning Challenge will help you build an action plan to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. From nutrition to getting more sleep, to assessing your mental health and managing stress levels, learn how powerful small actions can be.

How to get started
Click on the link LinkedIn Learning Challenge - February 2021 to open the Learning Calendar. Complete each daily tasks using the worksheet document.

What is the LinkedIn Learning Challenge?
A new micro-learning program designed to support ongoing professional development around your busy schedule. Each month will focus on a different theme with daily learning tasks taking only 5 minutes to complete.

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Coming Soon: March 2021 – The (Virtually) Social Employee – How to stay connected and build relationships in a remote world

Happy Learning!

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